Friday, 23 July 2010

Successful Author Secrets: Interview with Kathleen Gage

The Law of Achievement, Discover Your Purpose, Possibility and PotentialI have just been listening to this brilliant audio: Successful Author Secrets

Kathleen Gage was the Top Home-Based Business Owner for the State of Utah 2004 and has received many business awards. She helps business owners to build internet marketing systems to promote their businesses.

Her book The Law of Achievement became an Amazon bestseller.

The interview with Kathleen Gage covers subjects such as:

• How can you build a successful business based on your book, to help you reach more people?

• How can you help your readers in the most effective ways?

• How can you create information products for multiple streams of income?

• How can you recession-proof your business?

As Kathleen says, you write one book, the next one is easier and the next one after that is easier still. This is what I have always taught my students: your future success will involve building on what you have achieved in the past - and everyone has past achievements.

One thing Kathleen mentions is that many people have a problem with getting started, and overcoming procrastination. To listen to an audio interview with me about how to overcome procrastination as a writer, go to: Tapping into the Natural Flow of Your Creativity.

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