Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Self-Publishing Tips: How to Become a Bestselling Author

Check out this great article by John Kremer, in which he explains how ordinary people  became bestselling authors.  Go here to read it.  

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Monday, 13 August 2018

Monday, 30 July 2018

How To Find Your Readers - How This Author Sold 20,000 books in 1 month!

Check out this “Hangout on Air” designed to help authors, especially self-published and indie authors, with marketing their books and improving their author platform. Authors struggle with various aspects of marketing and we are here to help! 

Bestselling author Cristin Harber sold 20,000 books in 1 month! 

For lots more great book marketing and financing tips, go here for Book Marketing and Financing.  

Monday, 18 June 2018

9 UNCOMMON Book Marketing & Promotion Tips (That I've Used to Become a Bestseller)

Pat Flynn gives some great tips for marketing and promoting your book.  Which ones have you used?  Please leave your answers below.  

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Monday, 23 November 2015

Make a Killing on Kindle

Michael Alvear, author of Make a Killing on Kindle

I have re-purposed this blog post.  

I recently re-read  Make a Killing on Kindle by Michael Alvear.  

Alvear explodes a number of myths, and argues that an author does not need a platform in order to sell successfully on Kindle.  

Make a Killing on Kindle starts by exploding myths about how you  can sell your book and turn it into a bestseller. Be prepared for lots of explosions.

Why You Don't Need a Platform

The first myth Make a Killing on Kindle explodes is that an author needs a platform.

You will hear this from publishers, agents and others in the book publishing industry all the time: in order to get the attention of a publisher or agent, you need to have a platform.

A platform is a group of people who buy your work, love your writing and want to buy more of it. According to the figures in this book, you need to have a platform of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of readers in order to sell “career-changing” nunbers of books.

These figures are based on statistics of the number of people that click on banners and the number who buy after clicking on those banners. However, I take issue with these figures. This brings us to the next topic.

Why Social Media Won't Help You to Create a Bestseller

The author next explodes the myth that you can use social media to turn your book into a bestseller.

If you are using your blog to promote your book, you will not just count on one banner on one blog post. You will blog on the topic(s) which your book covers and which will be of interest to your readers. Any time a news story appears that relates to your book, you will blog about it and link to your book. I know that's what I do.

You will also use your blogs as a way of connecting with your readers. Your blog, and other social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. can help you to connect and communicate with your readers and potential readers. You can get to know them, their interests, their tastes, what they like about your books, what they want to see more of, what they want to see less of, etc. This can potentially help you to keep selling books for years to come.

For more about this, see How I Sold One Million Books.  

How to Make a Killing on Kindle

Make a Killing on Kindle emphasises key factors in how to get noticed by potential buyers on Kindle, including:

- how to choose an irresistible title for your ebook
- choosing the best possible cover for your ebook
- keyword research and SEO specifically for Amazon Kindle. 

Alvear takes you step by step through his process of researching keywords for Amazon Kindle. One interesting thing is that, like the other tips in this book, he explains and gives examples of how to apply this to both fiction and nonfiction titles. 



Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Make a Killing on Kindle

Michael Alvear
   I have just published my review of Make a Killing on Kindle by Michael Alvear.  

Alvear explodes a number of myths, and argues that an author does not need a platform in order to successfully sell on Kindle.  

Click here to read my review

On the same lens, I have also reviewed How I Sold 1 Milliion Ebooks by John Locke.  He describes how he successfully sells novels on Kindle.  

I have recently learned that he paid people to review his books before publication, which he does not mention in How I Sold 1 Milliion Ebooks.  Still, I think it's worth reading.  

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Strange Writing Habits of Male (Mostly) White Authors

Hemingway, Alexandre Dumas, Aaron Sorkin, Dan Brown - each of these eminent authors (and a few more) reveals his unique, special and - let's face it - weird writing habits. 

Do you write lying down?   Truman Capote did. 

Check it out:  Weird Writing Habits of Great Male Authors

Each of us needs to have his or her own special time, place and way of writing.  Find out what works best for you.  For more about this, check out my ebook:  Write Your Book in Two Days.