Monday, 27 September 2010

Promote Your Children's Book to Schools and Libraries across the U.S.A.

I Love to Write Day is in its 9th year and will be celebrated by libraries, schools and community organizations on November 15, 2010. The aim of the founder, John Riddle, is for everyone of any age to write something.

Some of the activities they suggest include: Authors and writers can contact local bookstores, libraries, senior centers, community centers, malls and schools and host I Love To Write Day programs. Talk to the audience about what it takes to become a published writer and author. Talk about the importance of writing, and how it is never too late to start writing. Encourage everyone to write something on I Love To Write Day: a poem, a love letter, a short story, an essay, start a novel.

Teachers can encourage students to write something special on I Love To Write Day.

From their press release:

"Everyone can get involved in I Love To Write Day,” says Riddle. “Just visit the
Website, I Love To Write Day, and you will find suggestions and ideas on how to hold special I Love To Write Day activities in your community.

There is a registration page, and I am encouraging everyone to sign up so that we can count how many people get involved in I Love To Write Day. People are also encouraged to spread the word about I Love To Write Day in their local communities."

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