Saturday, 8 May 2021

How to Write a Short Story | Writing Tips

I have recently discovered this author, ShaelinWrites, and I am really enjoying her videos.  

I am a little in awe of people who can describe the process of writing a story, as I struggle with this.  She is absolutely right, everything in a short story must be directly relevant to the character and/or the story.  No room for any excess weight here. 

We are looking for short stories for a forthcoming anthology on the theme of "Summer".  Please contact us here for more information.  

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What are your best tips for short story writing?  Please leave your comments below and share this with your networks.  Thanks.  

Monday, 3 May 2021

Where to Submit Short Stories

If you write short stories and are looking for places to submit them, check out this article: Where to Submit Short Stories:  30 Magazines and Websites that Want Your Work.  

I think you will enjoy this great resource.  I have not vetted this list, so can't give any personal recommendations as to any of the websites or magazines listed here. 

In the comments section, readers have listed lots more resources.  

I have to declare an interest as my writing group is looking for short stories for a forthcoming anthology on the theme of "Summer".  If you would like more information and/or to submit your story, please contact us via this website.  

Have you submitted to any of these sites and publications?  If so, what was your experience?  Please comment below and please share this with your networks.  Thanks.  .  

Thursday, 4 February 2021

Facebook Groups for Writers, Authors and Indy Publishers

FB Groups for Writers
Facebook can be one of the most effective ways to promote your work, either for free or with paid ads.  

I have listed over 40 Facebook groups and pages for writers, authors and readers, and I am constantly added more.  

To download this FREE list, go here to join my group, Book Marketing and Financing.  We also have loads of other methods for you to market your book for FREE.  

Plus, podcasts are the fastest-growing way to market your books.  Go here for my list of podcasts for writers, authors and readers.  If your favourite is not listed, please add it.  

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What is your favourite way to promote your books?  Please leave your comments below and please share this with your networks.  Thanks.  

Monday, 18 January 2021

This Is Why We Don't Hit Our Goals












In this GREAT article on why we don't reach our goals, Heather Quisel states that there are two kinds of people:  

  1. Those who set grand, lofty goals; and 
  2. Those who don't set goals out of fear of embarrassment or shame when others see them fail.  

She left out the third category:  those of us who beat ourselves up when we fail to reach our targets. 

As a writer, I don't tend to set specific goals.  I fall into both categories 1 and 3.  I'll think to myself, "I need to work on my novel", or "I need to finish my novel".  Perhaps it's because of the vagueness and loftiness of my goal that it becomes unreachable.  

In college, we had a target of writing 1,000 words of our novels/day, 5,000/week.  I learned how to produce vast amounts of words, and I reached these targets every week.  However, this did not guarantee the quality of my work, and it took a long time for me to regain confidence in my ability to write well - confidence I had had before I had a word count target to meet.  Eventually, the words flowed, but I went through searing self-doubt before I reached that stage. 

This article suggests that we set an activity goal, rather than an achievement goal.  .This will definitely help with problems two and three:  self-criticism and fear of criticism from others.  

I've decided to set myself a minimum goal.  Not to finish my novel, just to work on it a little every day, five days a week.  (I'm not disclosing the specifics here, but I do have them).  

If you feel anxious about meeting your target, or you are disappointed in yourself and wish you had achieved more in 2020, give yourself a break.  Set a minimum activity goal, one that is truly achievable for you, and  stick to it.  You may surprise yourself by what you achieve! 

What are your goals for this year?  What strategies do you use to reach your goals?  Please comment below.  

Go here for my audio on How to Achieve the Results You Want.  

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Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Book Marketing: The Power of Podcasts

A podcast can be a great way to promote your books.  Podcasts are the fastest-growing way to reach your readers.  Check out this highly informative short film from Dave Chilton on how to pitch to podcasts and their producers. 

Plus book marketing genius John Kremer has this excellent article on the Power of Podcasts, with lots more tips on how to pitch to them. 

Go here for a list of podcasts for writers, authors and readers.  

For lots more ways to market and promote your books, go here to download Book Marketing Genius.  It includes my interview with John Kremer. 

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Monday, 5 October 2020

Podcasts for Writers, Authors and Readers

Joanna Penn

What have you been listening to under lockdown?  

If you are interested in podcasts by, for and about writers and writing, here are some that may interest you.

If your favourite is not listed here, please list it in the comments section below.  Thanks.

One of my favourites is The Creative Penn with Joanna Penn.  This is the one I listen to most frequently.  She has great guests on every podcast, including bestselling authors, as well as experts in the publishing and self-publishing industries.  Plus she talks about other relevant podcasts.  

 What better way to spend your time than listen to other writers talking about their books?  Beats writing, dunnit?  

Here are some more book podcasts.  These are mostly British.  You can get most of these on more than one platform, including Google, Itunes, Apple Podcasts, or SoundCloud, to name a few.    

Author Hour


The Book Riot Podcast


The Guardian Books Podcast 

Confessions with Giles Fraser

The Penguin Podcast

Go here for 12 Must-Hear Podcasts from Penguin Authors

You're Booked

Literary Friction

Sentimental Garbage

BBC Radio 4 Book Club


Simon Mayo's Books of the Year

Go here for Simon Mayo's Books of the Year 2019.  

The Slightly Foxed Podcast 

As most of the above are very white and middle-class (in the British sense), and are woefully lacking in Black authors among their guests, I was so happy to find:  

The Black Book Podcast 

Black Chick Lit

Books & Boba  

Plus individual podcast episodes:  

Ambassador of Hope:  Andre Norman.  

Armstrong:  What Black and White America Must Do Now 

From the Black Book Talk Vault: Isabel Wilkerson, The Warmth of Other Suns  This also lists lots more podcasts with Black authors.   

Most of Oprah's selections do not appeal to me, but you might find a gem:  

21 Best Book Podcasts   

For more wisdom from Oprah, download:  Treasures of the Geniuses of Transformation.  

See also:  Top 30 Best Book Review Podcasts.  

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If your favourite book podcast or author podcast is not listed here, please post it in the comments section below.  And please share this link.  Thanks.  


For lots more information about how to promote your book, go here to join Book Marketing and Financing.  

Monday, 24 February 2020

How to Sell Your First Book (Not Just for Newbies)

Book Marketing Genius
I've recently come across this guest blog post from Shoshi Herscu, How to Sell Your First Book.  In it, she outlines exactly which methods she uses to promote and sell her indy-published book.  It is well worth having a look, especially if you write narrative nonfiction.  It's not just for first-timers.  

This blog post also includes a link to 127+ of the Top Free and Paid Book Promotion Sites, which is a brilliant resource.  As this is on the Kindlepreneur site,  it is particulary useful for ebook authors and publishers.

For more great content about how to market your book, go here to join my online group, Book Marketing and Financing.

Plus go here to download my FREE ebook, Book Marketing Genius, which details how to build your street team, to gain feedback, reviews and help with promoting your books. 

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