Monday, 20 August 2018

Tips for the Lionhearted Writer: How to Honour Your Creativity

If you are like me (and I'm not assuming you are), if you keep your creativity locked in a cupboard and rarely let it out to play, you will find this useful.

Below are some great prompts from Lucy Flint's Lionhearted Writer blog. If you have read Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way, you are familiar with the artist's date. It is just one way of treating yourself with kindness, and nurturing your creativity. Here are the tips:
  • What are twenty things that you love doing? 
  • What hobbies did you love as a kid? 
  • What were your favorite toys as a kid? What did you just love playing with? Where did you most love to go?
  • What did you love to do in art class? Music class? 
  • Where do you like to explore?
  • What kinds of activities or places seem to release something good in you?

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